Smoking Ban Is Pointless

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To The Editor:

City Councilman James Gennaro (DQueens) has proposed a law to the City Council which will ban smoking in a car with children. Well, I think his heart is in the right place, but he may not have thought it through and what it will cost the people of this city. Our police department is stretched to the max with fighting terrorists and criminals and stopping smokers in their cars is just ludicrous.

Now, I have a better idea and that is I think the Mayor and City Council should enter into a partnership with the American Cancer Society and promote an ad campaign to warn people not to smoke with children in the car. I think this can be placed on TV, radio, newspapers, coupled with signs on buses, trains, and billboards, not to mention on DOT signs on major roadways. I also think a slogan like "Save the children, don't smoke in your cars" would work a lot better than giving tickets and get through to some of these smokers who are endangering children with secondhand smoke. Frederick R. Bedell Jr. Bellerose

2007-08-22 / Editorials

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