Astoria Park Alliance Anchor Park Recommendations

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“The Anchor Park investment of $30 million in Astoria Park is a rare opportunity to improve the park for many generations. The allocation is wonderful and most welcome. However, the public, as well as community stakeholders, are acutely aware that ongoing maintenance of any new amenities is crucial for real, lasting improvement of Astoria Park. In addition to all the capital improvements, Astoria Park Alliance (APA) wants to work with the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation and elected and appointed officials to formulate maintenance plans for the new amenities, and identify and obtain resources for this plan,” stated the Astoria Park Alliance (APA) in response to the park being designated one of the entire City’s five Anchor Parks.

APA makes the following recommendation with sustainability in mind as the cornerstone of a realistic, visionary Anchor Park design plan for Astoria Park:

1. An investment in sustainable horticulture and beautification: landscaping that addresses erosion; native species, self-sustaining flower beds and plantings; a low-maintenance and drought-resistant tree plan; and sturdy, high-traffic, easily maintained ground cover to green lawns.

2. Refurbished and expanded comfort stations that reflect current, and future usage. Design should include low maintenance materials.

3. Universal Wi-Fi to connect and inform park users.

4. Solar powered LED lights for safety on pathways.

5. Repave all hard surfaces to provide proper drainage and erosion control.

6. Establish safe shore access for park users so that the relationship of Astoria Park to the waterfront is fully utilized and embraced.

7. Remove fences where possible, to give a welcoming sense of open space to park users.

8. Temporary storage cubbies for non-valuable items so that track users can exercise free of encumbrance.

9. Rental equipment for bocce, ping pong, and volleyball.

10. An environmentally friendly soccer field within the track with built-in protection for runners.

APA further stated:

“We welcome the focus the Anchor Park program and other funding initiatives, such as the Participatory Budgeting process, have brought to our community and to our park. We enthusiastically support the recently announced water fountain project, which will repair existing drinking fountains in addition to adding new ones, and the plan to introduce permanent gaming and picnic tables in the park. We also look forward to the long-planned transformation of the diving pool into a public plaza and amphitheater, and the already announced renovation and expansion of Charybdis Playground. Between the Anchor Park funding and these additional projects, we envision a dynamic future for Astoria Park.

“Astoria Park Alliance is a proven, reliable resource for committed volunteerism. Our volunteers can be trained to maintain new Anchor Park horticultural amenities and assist in erosion control. Most importantly, we are strong advocates for increased staff and maintenance that will be seen in Astoria Park.”

2016-11-16 / Features

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